Are you tired of house chores? Get on board with Silver Maids now!

Time is money. We live in a fast-paced world and there’s so much to do you shouldn’t be wasting this precious time on house chores and mundane house tasks. Therefore, our company Silver Maids is there for lessening your burden and providing you with a quality lifestyle. Given the huge population growth in Dubai, people have busy lives as we reoccupied them with their work all day long. Therefore, in this busy routine, go for professional and pro cleaning services by our maids in Dubai that will help you save time in your engrossed routines. You can get the perfect combination of cost, accessibility, and perfection with Silver Maids’ offered services. As an organization, we value customer satisfaction above all other agencies in Doha and other cities in Dubai. With every project we have been given, we have always ensured that the client’s diverse needs have been fully met and ensured their satisfaction. We are now among the most sought-after cleaning firms in Dubai because of this excellence.

Another feature of ours that sets us apart is our pocket-friendly rates. Regardless of your financial situation, we are here to give you the best cleaning service without making you spend a lot of money to satisfy your needs. Our housemaids will knock on your door at the exact time that you would like them to, and our commercial cleaning maids will enter and go before you notice it, so that you can continue working in a neat and secure environment. Due to the affordable costs of our packages, every family in Dubai can engage Silver Maids. We provide specially designed packages, so you can choose the ones that best meet your demands. We provide packages with a four-hour minimum of 35 AED per hour. To accommodate your busy schedules and complete our given tasks on assigned time.

What’s in store for you?

Our major services include maid services that involve babysitting, kitchen cleaning, laundry and ironing, office and residential cleaning, steam cleaning, and upholstery sofa-cleaning services. Second, we also offer Janitorial and movers services that provide you with a wholesome experience.

Our team ensures that all of our staff is completely trained to ensure that they have the knowledge to assist the customer just to provide an experience that you never had before.

We have easy modes for booking. You can easily schedule or modify your bookings. You can schedule your bookings in the least time possible. Additionally, we also provide custom quotes to adjust your budget and desires at the same time. It’s not just a cleaning service in Dubai hills but a wholesome experience you never had before.

Professional cleaners won’t be sidetracked by thinking about personal links to items; instead, they will work and complete tasks as quickly as possible so that they can clean another home or return to their own. By delegating the labor to a housekeeping service, you can be sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned and the tasks are delivered all on time.


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